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How to use MetaMask

This guide will show how to install MetaMask, register address at EtherWallet and buy or transfer Ethereum


Install MetaMask

MetaMask is a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, please navigate to one of the below:
Official Website
Chrome Extension Page

Log out when you don't use the wallet

Make sure that you are on the Main Network (top left corver green button)

Never give your Private key to anyone, only the Public key (your receiving address)


Create wallet on MyEtherWallet

Always check that the website is and green URL bar has MYETHERWALLET INC.

When registering new address, please make sure you are on the ETH network ( and save your access keys to the location that no one has access to, but where it won't be lost.
Adding your address to MetaMask can be done through the import of the Private Key or JSON file into the MetaMask
Visit Site

POA Network

We use secure POA Network

Secure Oracles POA Network is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain with faster and cheaper transactions. They have raised 12,500,000 for their ICO last year and there already were few successful ICOs that run on this platform.
We use POA Network for our Tokens crowdsale, but all of the details, addresses and contracts can also be seen on 

If you need more detailed guide, please scroll further

For step by step guide for MyEtherWallet and MetaMask

Step 1

Install the MetaMask


Step 2

Things to look at after installing the MetaMask

Create new password (make sure you will remember it, or write it down)

This is how MetaMask icon looks in the browser window

The secret phrase will be generated, make sure to save it somewhere safe or simply write it down

If you will forget the password, you won't be able to restore your account without this phrase 

This is how the interface looks. Under account number is your public address.

By pressing the ... you can copy the address and send it to anyone.

Remember! Only give the public address from the interface, never give your private address to anyone

Step 3

Visit MyEtherWallet website

The website also has good guides about anything you know about security with cryptocurrencies.
But if you don't have time for this right now, you can simply close the pop-up window and proceed further

It will ask you for new password

After that click on "Create New Wallet" button

Now save the JSON file somewhere safe.
After that it will allow to continue

Now copy and save the Private Key or the Paper Wallet where nobody can find it except you.
Make sure you don't lose the Private Key.

After that click on "Save Your Address" button.

Now selecte the MetaMask option to connect with MetaMask

Make sure you are logged in

It should show the "Message Signature Verified" message

Now open the MetaMask and press on Import Account

Use either the Private Key or JSON file to import your account into the MetaMask

Now you are ready to use the MetaMask, but do you have any Ethereum?

You can either BUY directly through the MetaMask, it gives you options
of Coinbase and ShapeShift

But we suggest

Just look for the sellers who have sales and at least 98% positive response (100% is perfect)

You can discuss with the seller the details of the transaction

Only send the funds after the seller creates the contract and you can see it being displayed on your hand side of the Local Ethereum website

If you have any other known ways or exchanges please do as you like.

Now you are ready for the CROWDSALE 

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