What is Globatrix?

The new decentralized collaborative Web model that solves major problems of today's Internet, decentralizes search, social networks, advertisements, and makes the competition and monopoly least possible. Powered by the new generation greener flexible blockchain based on AI and Big Data analysis patterns, it also integrates full VR technology support.


Presale: Live Now

25,000,000 GLOB during presale stage
1 ETH = 15000 GLOB Tokens

Tier 1

2 weeks. 50,000,000 tokens

1 ETH = 5000 GLOB

Tier 2

2 weeks. 50,000,000 tokens

1 ETH = 3000 GLOB

Tier 3

2 weeks. 50,000,000 tokens

1 ETH = 2000 GLOB

Tier 4

6 Weeks. 1500 GLOB for one ETH

1 ETH = 1500 GLOB

20th July
2 weeks. 50,000,000 tokens max

1 ETH = 5000 GLOB

3rd August
2 weeks. 50,000,000 tokens max

1 ETH = 3000 GLOB

17th August
2 weeks. 50,000,000 tokens max

1 ETH = 2000 GLOB

31st August
6 weeks. Remaining Tokens

1 ETH = 1500 GLOB

Funds Distribution

Pre-ITO Funds are used to run the ITO campaign.
Funds raised during the main ITO won't be used until the soft cap is reached. If the soft cap is not reached, the ITO funds will be returned to Investors.
Pre-ITO tokens are emitted right after each purchase. The Token presale requires MetaMask and uses Oracles POA Network, Tokens are ERC-20 compliant.

Development & Research60%
Company Operations10%
Legal Matters10%

Token Address:

Crowdsale Contract Address:

Token Details

Token Ticker GLOB
Pre-ITO May 2018 – July 15, 2018
Tokens to sell: 25.000.000 GLOB
Presale price: 1 ETH = 15000 GLOB
ITO July 20, 2018 – October 12, 2018
Tokens to sell: 200.000.000
Tier 1: 1 ETH = 5000 GLOB
Tier 2: 1 ETH = 3000 GLOB
Tier 3: 1 ETH = 2000 GLOB
Tier 4: 1 ETH = 1500 GLOB
Team Tokens 2,500,000 (presale) + 10% (ITO)
Accepted Currencies ETH
Requirements MetaMask wallet, or QR with MethodID

Features of Globatrix

Globatrix decenetralizes the Web, search engines and brings new era collaborative environment, intelligent harmonic free advertisement, and advanced security to every user, seller and webmaster

Global Coverage


Full Decentralization

Rewarding Logic

Benefits for Everyone

Project Globatrix decentralizes the web with the new model based on collaborative logic, eliminating competition and monopoly inside its ecosystem, powered by the new generation multi-dimensional blockchain, AI algorithms and Big Data analysis patterns.

Self-sustainalbe balanced crypto economy.

Advertisers and sellers don't compete and are rewarded. Advertisement is free. Organizations in Globatrix ecosystem are based on power and opinion of their communities and transparent electronic voting



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • May-July 2018

    Token presale,
    marketing, promotion

  • Q3. 2018

    ITO, marketing, development, testing
    Contributors will get access to early alpha versions

  • Q4.2018 - Q1. 2019

    Testing and unofficial early beta-release
    Contributors will have access to beta versions.
    Relese of the mining tools and interfaces,
    wallets and exchange tools.

  • Q2.2019

    Platform release. Available for free
    from the website and GitHub repositories

  • Q3.2019

    Adiitional business tools development:
    collaboration, remote meetings, VR tools.

  • Q4. 2019 - Q1. 2020

    Business tools release

  • Q2.2020

    Globatrix Operating System.
    Development preparation (with own ITO)

  • 2020 - 2022

    Globatrix Operating System development

The Team

Let us introduce you to the team that
will make it all happen.

Dimitri Kostin

Platform Architect
Gruad Technologies CEO

Michael Lungo

Interface Master
Cur1yJ CEO

Satyam Agrawal

Blockchain Master
SecureBlocks CEO

Marco Romero

VR Guru
Marco Romero 3D Studio CEO

Varun Pratap Singh

Signal Master

Dejan Vujicic

Math, Electrical/
Computer Engineer


Press the "Buy Tokens" button from the site menu and complete the steps to acquire the tokens.
You will need some Ethereum and MetaMask wallet.
The crowdsale page is located on Oracles POA Network, which is a well known fork of the Ethereum network

ERC20 token, 18 decimal places.
Used for crowdfunding the Globatrix decentralized Web model.
Will be tradable on exchanges and exchangable for platforms Vault coins

After the transaction is confirmed the tokens will be locked to your address and will be released at the time of presale finalization.
If you don't see the Tokens, add the Token Contract Address to your MetaMask "tokens" tab, they'll show up there and you can also check your public address on to see the transfer.

1 Token for the presale. We made it affordable, but we suggest buying more, it's worth it.

With the early purchase you can well profit once they will be listed on the exchanges, but if you will exchange to Vault coins, its price will grow exponentially in the first year - year and a half due to a high demand of the VAULT coin(please read the whitepaper for more info).

We plan to list on OKEX, BiBox, Allcoin, Bit-Z, Coinegg, BTCTrade during the ITO when there is a higher number of tokens in circulation. These list still may be the subject to change based on number of tokens in circulation, raised funds and exchanges prices to list the tokens.

No, Ethereum only, so you will need some first.

Yes, the sale proceeds in stages with huge discount for early investors. If we sell tokens at this price it pays off the marketing campaign, plus it's enough to get to the exchanges by the time we get to the Tier 2 of the ITO, when there are enough tokens in circulation, it's a win-win case for us and investors. After each tier the tokens sale price will grow and we will invest into exchanges.

Please note that we do not store any of your data on the server. We use secure method to deliver your data to us in encrypted form to avoid sniffing attacks and other possible attacks on the server. If you have delay with form submission, or it redirects you to another page by the accident, please try again.